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Dealing with Heat in Paris

Posted by Kiana Barry on August 10, 2018
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Now that we’ve made it through the chaleur (heatwave in french), we can look back a bit on a few lessons, suggestions and feelings we have.


There’s some urban-legend in France that air-conditioning causes sickness. Experience has taught me, this is a reach. Yes, sometimes if you are under an AC that is too cold for too long (ie overnight) then I may wake up with a slightly sore throat. Also, common sense would say cleaning out the vents occasionally will prevent dust and mold from building up to prevent sickness. But air conditioner was invented in 1902. That’s over 100 years of innovation and improvement. If it was 1905, I’d say, be cautious of those darn dagnabbit hanky panky thinga-ma-jigs. But, it is 2018. People have suffered enough ‘a cause de’ heatwaves. Let’s start making this normalized in at least Paris, then maybe the rest of France/Europe, please?

Multiple fans/open windows/ open doors are all safe options

House fans, open windows and open doors are all cooling-off techniques I’ve recently adapted. While I don’t mean to flash my neighbors, I remind myself that they’re French and have seen it all before! Any chance of catching a breeze is taken seriously. So open your door, put a small curtain in front of it or something that blocks the entryway a bit and enjoy the cool air.

Pools are your friends

They are cheap (upwards of €4.00), there are plenty, the hours are good and its sneaky exercise! It’s a nice way to cool-off while staying active. Make sure you call ahead to double check that they are open- sometimes the hours online and the actual hours may not be updated. 

Cafes are also your friends

Paris is a cafe-city. Between the hours of 6pm/18h-10pm/22h go, sit outside of a cafe and drink something cold. Ask for ‘glaçons’ and ‘un verre d’eau’ and enjoy reading and people watching instead of being in your hot apartment. The rule in Paris during the summer is: only be in your apartment when you absolutely need to (aka to sleep).

Ask for extra ice ‘glaçons’ (when you get to said cafe)

Don’t rush/don’t move

The pace of the city slows down dramatically during the summer because everyone is going to or just coming back from their restful vacations. Take heed and slow down, its ok to be a bit late (you’ll end up rushing only to find you are the first to arrive)!

Before you leave put water bottles or ice in the freezer

Eventail or die

You’ll see women everywhere with these nifty things and while they may not make a huge difference it’s always appreciated. Extra points if you spray yours with perfume first to get a nice-smelling breeze.

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Evian spray to feel fresh (I tried putting mine in the fridge first for extra chill and the nozzle got stuck so maybe just keep it in a cool place).

Visit the Paris Plage**

**look out for our next video highlighting Paris Plage


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