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Dealing with Heat in Paris

Aug 10, 2018
Now that we’ve made it through the chaleur (heatwave in french), we can look back a bit on a few lessons, suggestions and feelings we have. AIR CONDITIONER SHOULD BE A THING. There’s some urban-legend [more]
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The Keys to Learning French

Jul 18, 2018
Moving to Paris is a dream for many yet, learning French seems like a nightmare. French and English are as differen [more]
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A True Parisien’s Secret…Reveale...

Apr 26, 2018
Most Parisiennes may not admit it, but their best dishes were learned at the Picard school of Fine Dining. If they [more]
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The 5 Most Common Home Staging Mistakes̷...

Apr 16, 2018
Home staging, or the process of rearranging and photographing your home to advertise for potential buyers, is less [more]
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