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If you already own an apartment in Paris and are looking for one reason or another to liquidate your asset, Paris Living can help you.

What We Offer

Nowadays, the majority of buying & selling happens online. The classic Parisien agences-sur-rue still operate using an outdated business model that used to add value by featuring your property in their window.

The reality is that most agency’s window displays are full of properties that are already sold but entice the walkers-by to come in. This foot traffic is less and less a real source of buyers, mostly consisting of tire-kickers or as the French say, “des curieux.” In other words, the conversion rate is low.

Paris Living promotes properties to our current client database of serious international buyers, all of whom have been vetted by us. For example, we’ll start with a very basic due diligence on the identity and occupation of the buyer.

For those who are looking to finance their acquisition with a loan, we have them pre-approved by a trusted broker. We inquire into the provenance of the funds to adhere to France’s strict anti-money laundering laws. This is the most important first step: to verify the financial profile and debt capacity of the potential buyer.

Digital Friendly

  • The major French websites: the vast majority of real estate transaction in Paris is between French people.
  • Our social media platforms: Buyers very often come to us through these channels. 
  • We are member of many organizations and associations in Paris where we have found that publishing listings have produced quality buyers. These include several Chambers of Commerce, ex-pat groups, Embassies, etc.


  • We have a free consultation to talk about your property, your timeline & your expectations.
  • We visit the property to make an initial appraisal of its current market value.
  • We then provide you with an analysis of this estimate, with a higher and lower price range.
  • Once we agree on the asking price, we draw up the listing agreement, called the “mandat de vente,” which is a very important formality, as real estate transaction in France is highly regulated.
  • We go over the listing agreement and once it is satisfactorily filled out we sign duplicates and you will keep one signed copy for your records.
  • You will provide us with essential elements of the “dossier”: the last 3 PV d’AG, the last property tax bill, the règlement de copropriété. If you have rented out the apartment we must verify that there is no outstanding right of first refusal, which French law provides to tenants of unfurnished leases.
  • We will have the diagnostics done and have the property shot by a professional photographer — the importance of these images cannot be over-exaggerated: The first impression is key. This may involve some staging. 

Paris neighborhood lamp and bicycle
Paris metro sign
Remember that when you decide to put your property on the market, it becomes a product to sell and everything we do is aimed at achieving that goal, at the best possible price.

Once the entire dossier is assembled and the photos are ready, we will choose which photos to use and send you a draft of the text that we will use in the marketing, for you to validate. The property is now ready to market, which we will do both internally within our client database and through the digital channels.

For viewings, we will organize these to be as convenient as possible for you, but understanding that ideally we can accommodate the schedules of buyers as much as possible. We make sure that the space is clean, maximize the natural light, and bring fresh flowers. Timing is key in property sales: some aspects will vary depending on the size and price of the apartment, but we always want to limit the time that the property is online.

Staying online for too long is detrimental to the sale; The longer a property stays online, the lower its value is in the eyes of buyers. To avoid this, we need to market the property at the right price. Lowering the price after an extended presence will diminish the perceived value of the property even further. As a buyers broker, we know that this phenomenon is real.

When we get offers, we will again verify the financial solidity of the offer and unless it is at asking price, you may decide whether to accept or make a counterproposal. The market for studios & 1-bedrooms has very high turnover.

For a larger unit, we may have some back and forth and will be able to act as an effective intermediary to obtain the best possible price for you. While our main obligation is to you, our client, we also have the obligations to be transparent and truthful to buyers.

Once we have a serious offer at asking price, we formalize the acceptance of the offer and move to put the respective notaries in touch to prepare the promesse de vente. As a rule, we never do compromise de vente; consequential legal contracts should be drawn up by legal professionals as is their role. We assist the notaire in obtaining the necessary documents from the syndic, notably the pré-état daté and the carnet d’entretien.

We continue to keep tabs on progress on the buyer’s side: have they wired their 10%, have they provided their notaire with all documents necessary for the singing of the promesse de vente

If you need to sign a power-of-attorney, we will assist in making sure that this is handled within the best time-frame possible.

We accompany you to closing, make sure you have canceled your home insurance, Internet, electric & gas contracts.

Our fee is between 2% – 5%

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us