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The 5 Most Common Home Staging Mistakes…And How To Avoid Them PT 2

Posted by Kiana Barry on April 16, 2018
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Home staging, or the process of rearranging and photographing your home to advertise for potential buyers, is less widely known in Paris but still all the more important. Potential buyers, sellers and renters all want to see the home in all of its glory- this makes it more enticing and makes people more excited about investing in the space. Showing off the home properly also gives potential buyers the chance to imagine their future renovations and how they would improve upon the space. 

If you haven’t yet already, check out our “5 home-staging don’ts” post to make sure you don’t commit these faux pas first.

If having a professional home stager is not in the cards for you then please know there are a few things you can do yourself. These are bare minimum tips and techniques that make for excellent and informative apartment photos. The idea is to attract the buyer enough to want to have a visit. This is why the photos are so important! Here are a few absolute musts when it comes to home-staging:

First ‘Must Do’: Fruits and flowers: no matter the season people want to feel their new apartment can be a home. Including fresh flowers or colorful fruit is a small enough detail to add beauty and bring the apartment to life and make it more ‘homey’ feeling. 

Second ‘Must Do’: Good lighting: “Find your light!” isn’t just a catch phrase of America’s Next Top Model– it’s a necessity for any photographs you take, even of just a hallway! Light sets the mood and illuminates the picture which makes it easier to see the space. Try to take pictures on a sunny day during peak sunlight hours for best results. Don’t forget to adjust the lighting of the shot as well! 

Third ‘Must Do’: Be clutter free: If you are in the process of moving be sure to keep boxes, stacks of paper, personal items, garbage, etc out of the picture. Everyone has their own baggage and most likely don’t want to imagine having to deal with yours and theirs simultaneously.

Fourth ‘Must Do’: Show a blank canvas: If you can, give the space a fresh coat of white (or a neutral color) paint. This signifies a blank canvas that buyers want to be able to mold into their own. 

Fifth ‘Must Do’: Be informative: Be sure to show what the building looks like outside and in common areas, what the views are, any landmarks nearby and any other contextual information. 


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